As a male living in the 21st century and occupying space in a world shared with millennials who read celebrity gossip and model duck-face for the latest Instagram-filtered selfie, I have admittedly “Ol’ Yeller’ed” (A book from 1956 and a movie reference from 1957, for my millennial audience) my share of relationships, via text message. […]

Organizing Information Appropriately

Organization is critical. Sentences may be crafted perfectly on an individual level, but if they are ordered in a way that is confusing or inconsistent, the will not convey their messages clearly. The following example presents a passage that is muddled and out of sequence. The fact that it isn’t impossible to follow is due […]

Writing Tip: Use Dense Words

A dense word is a word that crowds a lot of meaning into a small space. The fewer words you use to express an idea, the more impact that idea will have. When you revise, look for opportunities to cross out several words and insert one. Once a month is monthly; something new is novel; […]