Writing Tip: Use Active Verbs

Active verbs DO something. Inactive verbs ARE something. Bad: The grandfather clock was in one corner, and three books were on top of it. Better: The grandfather clock towered in one corner, and three books lay on top of it. Taken from “100 Ways To Improve Your Writing” by Gary Provost ISBN 978-0-451-62721-6

Romantic Comedy

Recently my Fiance’, whom I had been with for the past five years, dumped me. Not only did the initial sting intensify with the settling in of separate lives, but the endless string of payments on a pricey engagement ring are little monthly reminders all screaming, “You giant tool.” Truth is, I was miserable, too. […]

Why I Hate Pop Culture

This morning, while enjoying the popular pass-time of internet exploration, I found that the number one trending article on Yahoo was “Beyonce’s Daring Dress”. Now, I hate Beyonce’. Not on a personal level or because she is currently trending above politics and economics and certainly not because her dress is, so called, daring. No, I […]